The Willows, Dartry, Dublin


  • KEIM Ecosil-ME

Architect: Peter Nickels

Merchant: International Coatings Ltd (McConnells)

Photo Credit: Andrew Campion


The Willows, Dartry, Dublin


This 1970’s property in Dartry has been partially demolished and replaced with a modern, energy efficient, taller building. The architect, Peter Nickels, became a passionate reader of Passive House Plus and decided to undertake training to become a certified passive house designer. The owners were keen to avoid the introduction of toxins into the interior of the house as well as improving air quality. The airtight internal plastered walls were decorated using KEIM Ecosil-ME, which is a solvent free, non-allergic, odourless and breathable paint.

The property has been featured in the October 2021 edition of the Passive House Plus magazine.

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