The George Hotel, Rye


  • KEIM Universal Render Fine
  • KEIM Soldalit

Architect: RX Architects

Decorator: Oats Decorating

The George Hotel, High Street, Rye


The George Hotel is located in the middle of the cobbled high street in the medieval town of Rye. Built between the 15th and 19th century, the hotel consists of several buildings that have been knocked together. The Grade II listed building suffered from an electrical fire which gutted the building three years ago. It has been completely renovated to create a refined boutique hotel.

Richard Perry, Area Business Development Manager of KEIM Paints, visited the project and produced a comprehensive specification. KEIM STS 7M, an environmentally friendly paint stripper, and the DOFF system were used to remove as much of the existing coatings.

Once the paint was removed, KEIM Universal Render Fine was applied to the mathematical bricks onto the front elevations to cover the uneven brickwork. This was then removed using a grout float to once again reveal the brickwork effect.

Removing the existing coatings enables the building to breathe. This allows any moisture vapour to pass through the brickwork and reduces the risk of flaking caused by dampness. KEIM Soldalit was the recommended paint system due to the depth of colours chosen. One of the main benefits of using KEIM Soldalit is that it is fire resistant and meets the category A2-s1, d0. Fire certificates are available upon request.

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