St Michael’s Catholic Church, Brecon


  • KEIM Dolomitspachtel
  • KEIM Granital Dilution
  • KEIM Optil

Architect: Hummingbird Architecture Limited

Applicator: Phillips & Curry



St Michael’s Catholic Church, Brecon


St Michael’s Catholic Church is a mid 19th Century church in Brecon, Powys. It is one of the most historic churches in Diocese of Menevia.

Bryan Roe, Senior Sales Executive of KEIM Mineral Paints, was contacted by the decorator, Mike Curry of Phillips & Curry to visit the Grade II listed church.

The architect, Bonnie Kitching of Hummingbird Architecture Limited and Mike Curry had used KEIM previously on other projects and were delighted with the results. Bonnie, in particular, was looking for a paint system that offered breathability so specified KEIM on this project.

There were a multitude of coats of various paint systems, including limewash, covering the lime plaster and concrete surfaces.

KEIM recommended removing all existing coatings, as there was moisture entrapment,  to obtain breathability of the KEIM products. Once all surfaces were dry and moisture readings were below 18%, KEIM Granital Dilution was used to treat the areas of lime which were chalky and powdery.

KEIM Dolomitspachtel, a mineral filler, was then applied as a skim coat on some areas to equalise textural difference on the surface and defects.

KEIM Optil White was the required system due to its endless benefits, including breathability, durability and longevity. The white makes the interior church look pristine and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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