Private Residence in Aldershot


  • KEIM Granital Dilution
  • KEIM Innostar
  • KEIM Soldalit Fixativ
  • KEIM Soldalit-ME

Private Residence in Aldershot


This semi detached Victorian property in Aldershot has been transformed using KEIM Paints.

The owner was recommended KEIM by his architect friend. He commented “I’d never heard of them before but trusted his judgement and wasn’t disappointed.”

Area Business Development Manager, Richard Perry, of KEIM Paints visited the property to review and discuss the best paints to use.

The front of the property was re-rendered, as well as the hall, stairs and landing replastered using lime. The owner wanted to be sure they were using the right products to help maintain breathability.

After receiving technical recommendations and the specification, KEIM Soldalit-ME was used on the front of the property and KEIM Innostar applied throughout the hall, stairs and landing. The owner commented “both products were amazingly easy to apply and have created a wonderful finish. We are constantly complimented by passers by on just how sharp and bright the KEIM Soldalit-ME is – much more so than a normal plastic masonry paint.”

The owner provided a testimonial about KEIM Innostar “in terms of the durability of KEIM Innostar, I’ve been really impressed. We have 3 of our own kids and my wife is a child minder so we have way more kids in the house than normal. Inevitably they all rub up against the walls with their dirty hands and leave it grubby. A scrub with some warm water and a basic cleaner seems to get the wall pretty much back to new each time. It’s reassuring as well that the cloths don’t turn out white after cleaning, suggesting that the paint is staying firmly on the walls, unlike some wall paints I’ve used in the past where the pigments come off on the cloth.”

“Throughout the whole project, the service from KEIM was incomparable to any other paint provide and something I wasn’t expecting on such a relatively small project. I’m a long convert to KEIM and can’t wait to do the back of the house next year”.

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