• KEIM Universal Render
  • KEIM Spachtel
  • KEIM Restauro Grund
  • KEIM Granital

Specifier/Architect: Morgan Sindall Professional Services Ltd

Contractors/Painters: Andrew Orr Decorators Ltd

Perth Prison, Old Gatehouse


Extensive repairs were carried out to the exterior surfaces of the building using KEIM Universal Render, KEIM Spachtel and KEIM Restauro Grund prior to decorating with the KEIM Granital system.  KEIM Granital has over 35 years proven performance on buildings in the UK and there are examples of KEIM in Europe that are over 100 years old - the realisation of cost savings in practice.  The KEIM Granital system was colour matched to the existing stone rubble surfaces by our representative for Scotland, Mr David Cochran. 

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