Fairlight Project


  • KEIM Soldalit

Fairlight Project, Near Hastings, East Sussex


The porch to this 17th century cottage was a much later addition to the original building, but the owners were keen to have the decorative effect tie it into the original structure.

The delicate and skilled application of KEIM Soldalit was carried out by Michael Madden and the owners were extremely impressed with the finished result and pleased that the paint would ‘last for ages!’.  This is of course one the many outstanding characteristics of the paint, and not only is it extremely durable but also highly breathable and importantly, completely UV stable, meaning that the lovingly applied details which make this effect so unique, such as the painted lichens and colour variations, will not fade over time.

Michael Madden is a muralist and specialist architectural decorator, as well an architectural sculptor and restorer www.michaelmadden.co.uk.

This project is a lovely example of the versatility of mineral paints.  Not only are they the ideal materials for façade redecorations, both on old and new buildings, but they can also be used to create artist effects.

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