Domestic Property in Fife


  • KEIM Optil

Architect: Des Cairns


Domestic Property in Fife


The owner of this converted church in Leven, Fife consulted an architect who specialises in the restoration of churches, Des Cairns, about the ongoing maintenance and decoration of her property.  Des Cairns recommended Tony Carter, Senior Sales Executive of KEIM Mineral Paints to visit site to assess the existing wall paint, and suggest a plan for future painting.

Des discussed with the owner that with old stone buildings, churches, palaces etc, KEIM is the paint of choice for restoration as it allows the building to breathe.

During Tony’s visit, he explained how KEIM Paints are still made using a 140 year old recipe that consists of natural mineral pigments. It allows the walls to breathe, preventing flaking paint in the future.  The colour is guaranteed not to fade or change over time, even up to 100 years.

KEIM have their own Exclusiv colour range along with other standard colours and offer a colour match facility.

KEIM Optil was chosen as it can be applied to previously painted surfaces such as painted plaster, plasterboard and sandstone window mullions without the need for primer.

The owner said, “The painter was impressed with how well the paint covered”.

“I am delighted with the result and finish of KEIM Paint. It is reassuring to have the architect’s recommendation and the knowledge that the paint will work with the building in the long term and last. It was a very big job to paint the inside of the church, in part it is 33 feet high and the whole job took several weeks. It is something I hope not to have to do again in my lifetime, so I wanted the best. I can strongly recommend KEIM Paint.”

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