KEIM Mineral Paints provide extremely durable, mineral-based paints suitable for both exterior and interior spaces.

Painters and contractors bridge the gap between clients and KEIM and form an important part of our customer base.


The information in this section is dedicated to providing painters and contractors with all of the information that may be required when selecting KEIM and providing information to clients.  We have included links to the reasons why you would choose KEIM paints for your clients as well as the technical information about each of the paints. 

By choosing and using KEIM paints you provide your clients with the highest quality, reflecting your own high quality workmanship.  Our full support service includes samples, liquid samples or in presentation boxes for you to present to clients, dedicated projects specifications and copies for your clients if required, as well as on site support such as trials and application advice if required.   


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Reasons to choose KEIM Mineral Paints and recommend then to your customers

Project Specifics

KEIM offers a full support service including site visits, project specifications and samples

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