KEIM Concretal®Lasur is a low pigmentation silicate colour wash, which acts as a stain that penetrates the surface of concrete, equalising colour variations and blemishes.


KEIM Concretal Lasur maintains the structure and appearance of concrete and enables specifiers and contractors to achieve concrete surfaces of a consistent quality appearance.

KEIM Concretal Lasur equalises unacceptable variations in colour and texture of concrete, hides unsightly repairs, reduces surface dusting and increases light reflectivity.  

KEIM Concretal Lasur is available in a wide range of colours and degrees of opacity, and is tailored to individual requirements. 

KEIM Concretal®-Lasur project examples
Keim Concretal Lasur - Key features and benefits
  • Mineral decoration for concrete
  • Equalisation of repaired surfaces
  • Unifying of fair-faced concrete surfaces with an uneven appearance
  • Breathable/moisture vapour permeable
  • Absolutely lightfast and UV resistant
  • Retains original concrete appearance
  • Increases light reflectivity
  • Mineral matt surface
  • Concrete colour can be matched
  • Thin layer coating completely retaining underlying texture
  • Complementary repair materials 


The guide on the right shows how varying the dilution ratio of the system alters the amount of coverage achievable with KEIM Concretal Lasur. 

Opacity Chart

Overview of KEIM Concretal®-Lasur System Products

KEIM Concretal®-Lasur

Sol-silicate paint for translucent, thin layer coatings

Colour shade
White, KEIM Palette Exclusiv, KEIM Concrete Colour range and on-site colour matches 

Brush (lay off with roller) or airless spray (spraying information)


Approx 0.1lt per /m² of diluted material per coat (diluted with KEIM Concretal Dilution)


5 lt and 15 lt containers

KEIM Concretal®-Dilution (Concretal Fixativ)

Dilution and primer for highly absorbent substrates

5 lt and 20 lt containers


Depending on the surface absorbency as primer approx. 0.1 - 0.2 lt

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