KEIM Concretal®C - a waterproof sol silicate based paint specially formulated for protection against carbonation of concrete surfaces. 


KEIM Concretal C is a certified anti-carbonation system to EN 1504 part 2, class 1.3, 2.2 and 8.2. 

KEIM Concretal C protects concrete from penetration of Carbon Dioxide from the air, protects from corrosion and frost damage due to its elevated water-repellency, and from external chloride corrosion by reducing water movement. 

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KEIM Concretal®-C project examples

Newhaven ERF

The external concrete…

Keim Concretal C - Key features and benefits
  • Mineral protection for concrete
  • Enhanced water-proofing 
  • Anti Carbonation protection
  • Barrier protection, with breathability for durability
  • Consolidation of friable concrete surfaces
  • Effective against concrete decay
  • Lightfast/Colourfast and UV stable
  • Matt appearance
  • Special concrete colour shades available 
  • Environmentally friendly, ISO14001
  • Complementary repair materials

Overview of KEIM Concretal®-C-System Products

KEIM Concretal®-C

Sol-silicate acrylic one-component anti-carbonation paint system

Colour shade
White, KEIM Palette exclusiv

Brush, roller and airless spraying (spraying information)

For two coats, undiluted: approx. 0.3 kg/m²

5 kg and 20 kg containers

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