The Mineral Principle

All KEIM Mineral Paints are generically similar and are based on a mineral silicate paint system that was first granted a royal patent in 1878. 

This comprises a liquid potassium silicate paint binder with natural earth oxide pigments and natural mineral fillers, such as feldspar.  Mineral silicate paints penetrate the mineral substrate onto which they are applied, such as renders and concrete, forming a permanent, long lasting chemical crystalline bond with the substrate. 

KEIM Mineral Paints contain neither solvents nor any petro-chemical derivatives, are inherently non-combustible, and do not give off any toxic gases. 

Sol-silicate Mineral Paints

Recent developments in mineral silicate paint technology have seen the introduction of sol-silicate mineral paints which not only utilise potassium silicate but also silica sol.  Silica binders are ‘colloids’, a term originating from the Greek word for glue –‘kolla’.  These particles have excellent viscosity, meaning they are well absorbed into a surface and once dry the particles firmly bind to the surfaces.  The addition of the silica sol, enhances the already superior adhesion of mineral paints and increases their scope of use to include application onto previously painted surfaces.

Crystalline Structure

Due to the crystalline nature of mineral paints, finite gaps remain between adjacent crystals, these ‘holes’ are large enough to allow the free passage of moisture vapour but small enough to prevent the passage of driven rain.  This therefore means that the coating becomes an integral part of the mineral substrate to which it is applied, and maintains the substrate vapour permeability, whilst at the same time providing an effective barrier to the ingress of moisture. This is extremely important for keeping surfaces protected as well as virtually eliminating blistering and flaking paint. 

Mineral Appearance

Mineral Paints have a flat, matt finish, however the crystal structure provides excellent light reflectance which gives a bright, clean apperance.  In addition, through the use of earth oxide pigments, there is no colour fade – proven on buildings which were been decorated over 100 years ago where there is still no visible colour fade and no breakdown of the coating itself.  Keim Paints are inherently resistant to mould and fungal growth due to their high alkalinity, (pH is approximately 12.3), and therefore can provide long term resistance to mould and fungal growth.


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