The new generation of silicate paints makes application onto organic and previously painted substrates possible

KEIM Sol Silicate paints contain a combination of silica sol and potassium silicate binding agents.  Sol-silicate is a combination of silica sol and water glass.

The original Sol Silicate paint, KEIM Soldalit, was introduced in 2002.

Silicate paints bond by penetration of the potassium silicate binder into a mineral substrate, which then crystallises to form a permanent bond with the substrate.  Sol silicate paints bond in this way, as well as bonding by mechanical means by nature of the sol silicate in the binder (explained below).

Sol silicate belongs to a group of materials known as colloids, which is a state of matter associated with electrically charged particles in dispersion.  The average particle size of any colloid is extraordinarily small, typically between 1 and 500 nanometers (1nm = 0.000001mm), this is a measurement only slightly larger than that of a basic molecule.  Silica sol particles are typically 10 to 20nm but with a relatively large surface area, the grains themselves are colourless and transparent, so they do not affect the natural colour of the materials to be covered.  When the moisture contained in silica sol particles is evaporated, the colloid grains firmly adhere to the material surface and the combination of silicon and oxygen is then formed between grains to give a high level of adhesion.



In 1878, A.W. Keim successfully formulated the first pure silicate paint. A new milestone was achieved in silicate technology with the advent of sol-silicate paint. This so-called third generation paint is based on a new siliceous binding-agent technology that enables application onto existing organic substrates.

KEIM Soldalit is the first silicate paint that combines the versatility of dispersion-bound paints with the mineral quality features of classic silicate paint. UV-stable and lightfast, resistant to environmental influences, highly water-repellent, weather resistant, inflammable and open to diffusion.

Sol Silicate paints in the KEIM range now include KEIM Soldalit, KEIM Optil, the KEIM Concretal range, KEIM Design Lasur and KEIM Restauro Lasur.