Concrete repair and renovation

Fair-faced concrete is a high-quality but individual material that has established itself as a design element in contemporary architecture. However, during the creation of fair-faced concrete surfaces, unwanted imperfections, uneven areas and colour differences can occur, and the surfaces can become damaged by harmful weather conditions.

Within the framework of renovating concrete, damaged concrete components are repaired in accordance with the applicable directives. It is often the technical aspects that are at the fore when it comes to repairing concrete. To also ensure that the design aspects are fully satisfied, however, the concrete is given additional aesthetic treatment and retouching.

Concrete cosmetics is the repair of defective concrete surfaces up to the condition they should be in. In other words, the reparation of defective areas using suitable concrete replacement mortars and fillers. For the success of concrete-cosmetic measures, this optical alignment with the surrounding concrete surfaces is of decisive importance 


Concrete retouching: Balance colour differences with mineral pigments

The optical alignment of unwanted colour differences, e.g. where areas need repair, is carried out by means of concrete retouching by applying colour-aligned pigments. In order to maintain the charm of fair-faced concrete, lasuring in several layers is carried out. The pigmentation and the degree of coverage of the lasur coats are adapted to the respective requirements.


Demands have increased significantly in recent years in respect of the quality of fair-faced concrete surfaces which have undergone concrete-cosmetic treatment. In order to ensure professional execution, permanent products are required which, for example, don't differ from the fair-faced concrete surfaces in terms of gloss and allow maximum flexibility when it comes to accurate alignment to the substrate. The related, mineral KEIM Concretal System perfectly meets these demands.