Blair Castle - One of the earliest examples of KEIM in the UK decorated in 1988

Stein Am Rhein - One example building of many in the town decorated over 130 years ago with KEIM paints

At KEIM paints we believe that an exterior paint coating should be expected to last for at least 15 years – both in terms of aesthetics and performance.  The superior durability and longevity of KEIM Mineral Paints ensures this is possible and is demonstrated by numerous examples, some even performing for over 100 years.


Exterior paints essentially have two functions – to provide a beautiful finish to the building and surfaces and most importantly to protect them.  External influences such as rain, UV radiation, heat, cold, harmful chemicals and micro-organisms all attack surfaces and paint coatings, and without a durable system, this results in frequent re-painting.


The perceived money saving from using cheaper paint materials can lead to much more expensive consequences in the long term, whereas choosing quality from the onset is often the better and more affordable and cost effective solution. 

The durability and longevity of KEIM Mineral Paints is down to two key factors:


Unlike conventional paint systems which merely adhere to the surfaces by mechanical adhesion, simply ‘sticking’ to the surfaces’, KEIM Mineral paints penetrate the mineral substrate onto which they are applied, such as renders and concrete, forming a permanent, long lasting chemical crystalline bond with the substrate itself. 


Because of the crystalline nature of mineral paints, there are finite gaps between adjacent crystals, these ‘holes’ are large enough to allow the free passage of moisture vapour but small enough to prevent the passage of driven rain.  By allowing free passage of moisture vapour (breathability) blistering and flaking paint coatings are virtually eliminated.

The combination of these two factors means that the coating becomes an integral part of the mineral substrate to which it is applied, and maintains the substrate vapour permeability, whilst at the same time providing an effective barrier to the ingress of moisture.  


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