Light Reflectivity

KEIM paints are made using only natural earth oxide pigments and potassium silicate. Instead of creating a film over the surfaces like conventional coatings, KEIM paints chemically bond to the substrate itself and create a microcrystalline surface finish. This bond is the key to the breathability and durability of the paints, and also provides a high degree of light reflectivity. The finish of a mineral paint is completely flat matt, it is not shiny, but this increased light reflectivity helps to improve internal lighting conditions and create bright, clean looking exterior facades. 

The light reflectivity is created by light being able to bounce/reflect off the microscopic surfaces of the crystalline finish. This reflection, or scattering of light, makes them appear much brighter than conventional paints and can provide up to 80% light reflectivity which in internal spaces can maximise natural light and reduce reliance on artificial lighting. 

Conventional coatings tend to absorb light, rather than reflect it, and so the high degree of high reflectivity of a KEIM finish is a real aesthetic advantage as well as having a measurable practical benefit. 


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