KEIM Mineral Paints are inherently incombustible. They are not made using petrochemicals or flammable solvents and contain no additives which would create a fire risk. Almost all KEIM Mineral Paints are classed as A2 -s1, d0, one of the highest performing Euronorm standards (this standard is used in place of the British standard reference 476 parts 6/7 and tests to even higher standards of performance).


The fire testing provides that in the event of a fire the paint coating does not in itself release any toxic chemicals or fumes and also that it does not support the surface spread of flame, meaning that it doesn't provide a fuel to propogate the fire. Both of these standards are met and exceeded by KEIM Mineral Paints and in this video link (Scandinavian video hence the foreign text) the paint has been shown to improve the performance of up to 8 layers of existing coatings.



For further technical information regarding KEIM Mineral Paints and fire performance please click on the picture, left, to open the document

Click on the above image to see a YouTube video demonstrating KEIM fire restistance

Click on the above image to see a YouTube video from our Scandinavian colleagues which demonstrates the excellent fire resistance of KEIM Soldalit 


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