Q: What makes mineral paints different to conventional paint systems?

A: Unlike conventional paint systems which merely adhere to the surfaces by mechanical adhesion, simply ‘sticking’ to the surfaces’, KEIM paints penetrate the mineral substrate onto which they are applied, such as renders and concrete, forming a permanent, long lasting chemical crystalline bond with the substrate itself.  For more details please click here

Q: Mineral paints are breathable, why is this an advantage?

A: Because of the crystalline nature of mineral paints, there are finite gaps between adjacent crystals, these ‘holes’ are large enough to allow the free passage of moisture vapour but small enough to prevent the passage of driven rain. By allowing free passage of moisture vapour, what we call breathability, blistering and flaking paint coatings are virtually eliminated and substrates are protected from the damaging effects of trapped moisture.  For more details please click here

Q: Does the colour of a KEIM Mineral Paint fade with time?

A: No, mineral paints are completely UV resistant, as they are made with only natural earth oxide pigments, which makes them completely colourfast.  For more details please click here

Q: Why should I use the mineral paints if my surfaces are already painted using conventional paints?

A: Applying a breathable mineral paint on top of a conventional paint finish will avoid any further restriction in breathability that would occur with conventional paints. Breathability is not the only advantage of mineral paints, the additional advantages are outlined below:

  • Durability and long term performance (over existing sound coatings)
  • No emissions, solvents, plasticisers
  • Colourfast and UV-stable
  • Resistant to mould and fungal growth
  • Resistant to weathering
  • UV protection for the underlying paint coatings
  • For more details please click here

Q: What is the VOC content of mineral paint?

A: KEIM Mineral paints are classed as Low VOC. Where reference is made to a low VOC content or to content less than 1g/l, this is due to the REACH classification system used. The classification can be either low, medium or high, however those products that fall below the ‘low’ levels still have to be classed as low or in some cases, very low. There are also the practicalities in measuring small/miniscule VOC content as manufacturing process’ which employ plastics, for example UPVC pipes and polypropylene buckets will invariably have a very small acrylic content, which can lead to a false VOC measurement.

All KEIM Paints comply with current regulations about VOCs in paints (regulation 2005 phase II).

 For more information about mineral paints please see our page The Mineral Principle



Q: What types of surfaces are suitable for decoration with KEIM Mineral Paints?

A: Any mineral substrate, such as render, stone, concrete, brick and plaster may be decorated using mineral paints. Mineral paints can also be applied to sound, previously painted surfaces.

Q: What is the recommended method of application?

A: The method of application depends upon the product being applied, for the majority of our paint systems we recommend brush, roller or spray (airless and/or low pressure) application.

Q: How are tools and brushes cleaned?

A: Mineral paint can be cleaned from brushes and tools by simply using water, this should be carried out as soon as possible after decoration.

Q: Are mineral paints diluted with water?

A: Mineral paints should not be diluted with water. There is a dilution product optimised for each paint system that should be mixed with mineral paints which is made from pure liquid potassium silicate.

Q: Are there recommended contractors of KEIM?

A: We do not have recommended or approved contractors as KEIM Mineral Paints can be applied by all competent decorators, however we can supply details of contractors in your area that have experience in the use of KEIM materials. Mineral paints can be applied in the same way as conventional paints. It is important to always maintain a wet edge and work to natural breaklines.

Q: How to get more information about products and/or on site specialised advice?

A: We have representatives throughout the UK who can visit to advise on preparation and decoration if required, this is a free of charge service and a dedicated proposal report will be prepared with no obligation.  To contact us please click here

For more information about product application please see our brochure Surface Preparation & Material Application



Q: How to obtain colour cards and swatches?

A: Colour swatches and samples can be requested directly from KEIM Mineral Paints, by contacting us directly via our enquiry form, by telephoning 01952 231250 or contacting us on 

Q: Is it only standard colours, or can special colours be mixed?

A: Whilst we have an extensive standard colour range, providing a colour falls within that range, we can mix specials and bespoke colours and these take the same time as standard colours.

Q: Can samples of colours be provided?

A: Samples and swatches are available on request by contacting us directly via our enquiry form, by telephoning 01952 231250 or contacting us on We reserve the right to charge for these.



Q: How to obtain current prices?

A: Current prices can be obtained by contacting us directly via our enquiry form, by telephoning 01952 231250 or contacting us on

Q: Delivery charges?

A: A standard delivery charge of £18 (excluding VAT) is levied per delivery.

Q: Where to buy KEIM Mineral Paints?

A: All materials can be purchased directly from KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd – either via telephone/fax email or via our webshop.



Q: How to place an order?

A: Orders can be placed for any of our products by telephone, fax, email or via our webshop.

Please ensure when placing an order you provide the following information:

  • order number where applicable
  • delivery address, postcode, contact and telephone number
  • invoice address if different from delivery address
  • project name and address (for colour matching purposes)
  • any special requirements

Q: Accepted methods of payment?

A: The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • cleared cheque (not via webshop)
  • credit card
  • debit card
  • BACS (not via webshop)
  • approved trade account, subject to status and credit reference agency checks (not via webshop)
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