Colour Design

Colour is really important and can define and express your ideas and visions

Colours relate to one another

Colours always exist in context. It should always be taken into consideration that colours have a reciprocating influence on each other. Colours opposite each other on the colour wheel will emphasize their strength (think of traffic lights using the strongest opposite to maximize the difference for safety). A green painted front door will appear to be much more green next to red brick than grey stone for example.

Bold colours can work together to produce exciting innovative design or complementary colours can be used to subtle effect, highlighting features harmoniously.


The colour effect is more than just the colour tone

The paint material also has an influence on the colour effect: The surface of an acrylic or dispersion paint often appears dull and flat, particularly when under the influence of direct light. The same shade of colour in a mineral paint, on the other hand, demonstrates a significant depth of colour. 

Colour wall

Opaque Colour Designs

Opaque paint colours with KEIM achieve bold long lasting block colours or harmonise complementary effects.  

Lasur Painting Technique

Hugely versatile, KEIM Lasurs can be used directly onto the substrate to disguise repairs or staining. 

Lasur can be used for colour design, to totally transform the substrate colour, giving the appearance of having been produced in the new colour and can be applied over opaque KEIM coatings for exciting colour design or to provide a natural appearance similar to stone or limewash.



The creation of murals from an individual’s visualisation can be achieved using KEIM paints and ensures that the colour always stays bright and vivid. 

KEIM paints have been used for over 30 years in the UK to achieve some iconic imagery by some very talented muralists.

Metallic Effects

Silver, copper and gold effects can be achieved using KEIM decorative paints with metallic pigments. Whether single walls, entire rooms or even facades are to be decorated using these paints, a metallic effect can also be used to emphasise fascinating features even on a small scale.

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