KEIM Mineral Paints are tinted using only natural earth oxide pigments, this makes the paint completely UV stable and colour stable.  There is no colour fade of a KEIM Mineral Paint with the passage of time – this is proven by buildings that were decorated over 100 years ago where there is still no discernible colour fade, as well as no breakdown of the coating itself.

UV can be incredibly damaging and attacks and deteriorates the binder of conventional acrylic paints, this is not the case with KEIM paints as the binder is resistant to uv light and therefore the coating remains intact and colour fast for years. 

White pigments in conventional paints can also 'yellow' and discolour, as the acrylic pigment is attacked by the UV light.  KEIM paints use only earth oxide colour pigments, including white and therefore are unaffected by UV light. 


The example on the right is Potsdam District Recruiting Office (Photograph taken 14.06.2004)

Left hand building: painted with KEIM silicate paint in 1992 (colour shade 9071)

Right hand building: painted the same colour shade with a competitor's organically pigmented paint in 1995 and already exhibiting a distinct colour change


For more information and examples of the colour stability of KEIM paints please see the brochure 'The Shutter Effect' below:

Colour stability


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