KEIM Mineral paints look cleaner for longer as they have no residual electrostatic charge, unlike acrylic based paints, and therefore do not attract dust; organic synthetic resin/silicone resin binders can become electrostatically charged in the wind, due to friction, and so actually attract dirt particles onto themselves from the air.  At higher temperatures, these binders additionally exhibit thermoplastic behaviour, i.e. they become "tacky", creating ideal conditions for dirt particles to become stuck and collect in greater numbers on the surface.

KEIM paints are also resistant to mould and fungal growth as they have a high pH and do not have any organic content for the spores to feed on, which keeps surfaces cleaner.  The silicate structure is highly stable and able to resist acid and alkali attack

KEIM paints are very easy to clean, needing only a periodic wash down, using a mild detergent if necessary. 



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Algae Resistance of KEIM Mineral Paints


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