Painting Interiors

There are a variety of interior finishes used in buildings in the UK, mainly plaster (traditional plaster, gypsum, lime) and concrete, but also sometimes brickwork and stonework.  

Some substrates will be new, and therefore unpainted, and others will have any number of layers of existing paint coats applied.  


KEIM Mineral Paints

KEIM's internal product range can be applied onto any of these mineral substrates, as well as the less common ones such as tiles and glass.  KEIM paints are not suitable for metal, plastic or wood. Depending on the condition of the substrate, different pre-treatment will be required. 

When applied to internal mineral substrates, KEIM paints not only offer beautiful flat matt mineral finishes but, as well as being extremely durable, offer a high degree of protection to the underlying substrate. Unlike conventional paints, KEIM Mineral Paints become an integral part of the substrate, rather than merely a surface coating, which gives the best possible protection.

As well as being high performance, KEIM interior paints are odourless and low VOC and help to provide a healthier indoor environment. 

Overview of Keim interior paints

Sol-Silicate Mineral Paint

High performance sol-silicate mineral paint for a range of substrates both previously painted and unpainted 


Traditional mineral paint, outstanding performance (bridging coats required for previously painted substrates)

one coat mineral paint

Special one coat white mineral paint system ideally suited for application onto ceilings with outstanding coverage
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