Painting Exteriors

There are a variety of exterior finishes used on buildings in the UK; renders - including sand/cement, cement, lime, polymer (all with or without an underlying insulation systems), brickwork, block-work, concrete, stone and wood. There are also many detailing materials used such as terracotta, GRC/P, stone mouldings as well as plastic and metal downpipes and rain water goods.

Some buildings are single skin and others have double layers with or without cavities in between.  Some substrates will be new, and therefore unpainted, and others will have any number of layers of existing paint coats applied.  

In all, there are many different materials which can be used to compose the exterior of a building.  

The main two reasons for using a paint on top of the construction material are to offer protection and to improve the aesthetic appearance.  


KEIM Mineral Paints

In relation to KEIM's exterior product range we are concerned with only mineral substrates such as renders, brickwork, blockwork and concrete. This list also includes all types of stone including sandstone, limestone, rubble stone, flint and granite (to name a few), terracotta and faience, and even glass.  KEIM paints are not suitable for plastic (including GRP), metal (with the exception of zinc and lead) or wood. Depending on the condition of the substrate, different pre-treatment will be required. 

When applied to external mineral substrates, KEIM paints not only offer beautiful flat matt mineral finishes but, as well as being extremely durable, offer a high degree of protection to the underlying substrate. Unlike conventional paints, KEIM Mineral Paints become an integral part of the substrate, rather than merely a surface coating, which gives the best possible protection.

Overview of KEIM exterior paints


High performance sol-silicate mineral paint for a range of substrates both previously painted and unpainted 


Traditional mineral paint, outstanding performance (bridging coats required for previously painted substrates)


Specially formulated mineral paint for harsh environmental conditions such as coastal properties and tropical locations


Specially formulated photocatalytic mineral paint for enhanced performance and reduction in airbourne pollutants
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