Made in Germany

Act regionally, think globally

KEIM's mineral paints have proved their quality in all climate zones across the globe. They are produced and developed in Germany, and there is a very good reason for that:


Production and development of paints is – contrary to the assumption – a highly complex matter.

This process starts in the laboratories, where the "composition" of the various constituent parts is tested in a complex testing process. Today, paint production is a highly automated and closed process that cannot just be moved to another, supposedly cheaper location.

This is one reason why KEIMFARBEN is so focused on its Diedorf headquarters and the subsidiary in Luckau.

Valuable synergies arise from a concentration of skills, which leads to greater quality. KEIM also strives to keep the delivery chain for raw materials as short as possible, which increases the ecological balance and sustainability of the products. 

Keimfarben Diedorf

The company's roots are in Germany – this is where tradition and innovation are brought together. It is also where qualified and motivated specialists, without whose knowledge and skills a medium-sized company like KEIM could not have become the silicate paint market leader, are found. KEIM contributes to the safeguarding of jobs and apprenticeship opportunities in Germany, maintains the region's value and makes an important contribution to the common good.

"Made in Germany" means more to KEIM than just a stamp on its products.


KEIMFARBEN products are produced in facilities in Diedorf and Alteno/Luckau. KEIMFARBEN has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for many years, and is a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact.

In the Diedorf facility, paint system products are produced. Raw materials are delivered by rail and road and are stored in silos until needed.  Raw materials are processed in fully-automated production plants into various products before being tinted and dispatched to our customers. 

A large variety of different paint colours are achieved by our tinting process.  The paint shades produced are called KEIM-Palettentöne and special customised coloured paints. The composition of the different coloured paints is based on ultra-modern colorimeters.

All coloured paints are produced exclusively from inorganic, mineral and completely lightfast pigments. The exactness of each colour shade is subject to multiple quality control steps. This also involves special, sensitive colorimetry software, as well as additional inspections carried out by the eyes of experienced paint professionals.

In the facility in Alteno/Luckau, the "dry" products are produced. This includes render for the KEIM Exterior Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS), silicate renders and the Restauro-system products. 

The entire production logistics and formulation administration process is carried out on an SAP/R3 system, which makes documented batch administration and batch tracking possible.

anorganic mineral pigments
laboratories of Keimfarben

Research & Development

Keimfarben research activities

Our R&D department is constantly working on optimising and further developing our silicate technology. Highly-specialised developers pursue basic research on many topics relating to silicate protection systems. All relevant developments and innovations in this area, since the development of silicate paints, have come from the development laboratories at KEIMFARBEN. Cooperating closely with nearly all renowned specialist institutes and research laboratories in the area of colour technology is a matter of course for KEIM developers – as is consistent and committed participation in numerous research projects, both at home and abroad. In this way, we can ensure that we are constantly maintaining and building up our technological lead over our competitors.

In addition to classic product development, the R&D specialists also dedicate themselves to a consistent and systematic quality assurance programme for KEIM products. This involves the raw materials used as well as the products undergoing numerous tests before leaving the production building.

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